2016 New Year’s Resolutions

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  1. Read two books
  2. Cook/bake a new recipe every month
  3. Pay off car loan
  4. If it takes less than 30 seconds do it right away
  5. Drink more water
  6. Do not use Iphone while eating
  7. Run a half marathon (and train)
  8. Get a full time job
  9. Wake up by 7:00 am 7 days a week
  10. Send more snail mail
  11. Silence. Enjoy it. Telling myself – It does not make me uncomfortable.
  12. Announce 3 things to myself every morning that I am grateful for.
  13. Be present with my boy – Teach, observe and laugh with him.
  14. Touch the BF in a loving way every day
  15. Go to an overnight with the BF once this year
  16. Write 6 recommendations on LinkedIn.com


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2014 New Year’s Resolutions


  1. Travel More – I am aiming to take one international trip this year. This trip ideally should be to at least visit a friend who lives out of the states. I would like to take at least 3 weekend trips this year. I want to be more of a weekend warrior.
  2. Build genuine relationships – I am constantly striving to be a grateful, genuine, honest, happy & a supportive friend. Blogging seems to be a solo thing, where I am fairly new to it. So I would like to develop friendships with folks who actively blog or do video vlogs.
  3. Blog More – My goal is to blog at least 6 times this year or more.  I know that is not ideal to build content on my site, but I will make sure to make an effort to make it interesting & funny. Gosh I should thinkg about taking a comedy improv class. If you have any ideas on future posts let me know.
  4. Complete a half marathon & have a personal best time – I have done about 5 half marathons and 1 full marathon, but I would like to have a better time of completion. Thus, I need to be more committed to training and to eat better. I feel like my eating habits hurt my training. Ugh. Any feedback on this? =) This goal includes losing weight. One meal at a time.
  5. Read a single book (not self-help) – I did just recently purchase a book light. Ideally this will help with in-bed-reading. I have the best folks in my life that lend me their books ( I just need to return them in an a more appropriate time). This contributes towards my next goal.
  6. Save money – I have a dollar amount that I would like to have saved by the end of year. I need to work on being savvier with my money. Brown bag it more to work. I want to alsom make an effort to find more street parking around Los Angeles rather than paying to park in a lot.
  7. Wear Heels more – I tend to wear flat boots, heeled booties, and pointed flat shoes.
  8. Purge & organize my wardrobe – I live in a super small space. I need to have a constant paper shopping bag in the closet to edit down my shoes, boots, coats & clothes through out the year. My motto is – if I have not worn in a year, I need to get rid of it. Give them to friends or charity. Quality over quantity.
  9. Cook more – I need to make an effort to learn how to cook more. I do subscribe to few YouTube Channels, but I should execute.  Every gal should have at least 5 signature dishes. For now, I have one down, I do make a good chicken friend rice (Chinese style).
  10. Continue to Yelp – If anyone knows me you that that I enjoy Yelping. Its been my thing for the last few years. I would love to do 100 reviews for 2014.

Do you have any resolutions? Please free to share by commenting below.



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Spinning Class


Spinning class aka Indoor Cycling!

I believe that good cardio workouts boost blood flow and oxygen to the brain, and thus help everything including your creative juices. And in this case spinning!
Spinning helps towards creativity. I assure you. Maybe it’s a time where you are feeling sad/mad/discouraged because you have sat all day and/or night staring at the wall, experiencing a creative block of some sort. When you get on that bike, increase the resistance, hear the music, begin to sweat out all the toxins your spirits are lifted. Writers, artists, senior executive professionals use exercise to solve creative blocks to make better decisions. Exercise boosts creative thinking. Consistently exercising, if its spinning, running, or just taking a brisk walk with your dog, allows me to develop a positive addiction. Spinning & running sometimes replaces my urges for cookie, alcohol or just plain eating too much. When you are healthier, you’re happier and likely more creative and inspired.

The most fun you will have on a bicycle (even though it’s a stationary).

Front Yas

In an effort to walk around my area more and discontinue to pay the $10 frozen fee at my gym (I froze it earlier last year when I was training for a half marathon) I decided to try out a local spinning studio called YAS Silverlake. I passed by the YAS studio many times on morning route to Glendale for work. The exterior building is green with an accordion like fish bowl looking window. I would always see folks exercising like crazy and would tell myself I need to jump on that bandwagon. So I went on the site from work one day (during my lunch hour of course) and saw that they had a promotion “first ride is free.”


So on my way back home I parked, walked in and spoke to a ‘too cool to be here’ front desk dude that guided me on which instructors played what type of music, which instructor was popular. I went back 2 weeks later ready to rock out in a spin class. The instructor kindly showed me how to fit my bike to make the class most useful and comfortable. Well I took a gentleman named Tim’s class. It was super fun, energetic, full of sweat, and filled with lots of woo’s woo’s woo’s coming from instructor. The next morning being a Sunday I took Tracy’s class. She had great music that motivated me to continue taking her classes regularly and join! She pushes you to work physically and mentally. It’s super cute that during class she sings along. What I like about YAS Silverlake is that they have classes to facilitate all work schedules.


* WEAR: Wear clothes that are quick dry and comfortable tennis shoes. A tank or halter top is great. For bottoms, the very last thing you should wear is baggy pants. So uncomfortable. Wear some leggings or nicely fitted pants. I prefer my work out gear to have polyester or Lycra. This way you can soak up the sweat. Your sneakers should have some pretty good arch bearing and some cushioning, because you will strap in on the bike so not to fall off. Ha!

* BRING: Bring a huge bottle of water & a sweat towel (I bring two as I like to have one rest on the bike handle and use the other to wipe off my face, arms and neck).

* TIPS: If its your first time arrive a few minutes early so the instructor can assist you with adjusting your bike. Always make sure your breathing, have a good pace and monitor your intensity. Spinning is great for all fitness levels. You can go at your own pace and figure out the best resistance.  Before you check out and determine that spinning is not for your, I recommend to take a few different instructors. All of the instructors have different styles and music that is geared towards the workout. At the beginning of class after you’ve been fitted it’s a great time to stretch your arms, and back, in an effort to prep for the next 50 minutes. In my experience, a class will include long & short sprints, hills, jumps & sometimes pushups from the handle.

If you are not feeling the first clasyas addresss, please do not be turned off. Schedule another class with a different teacher. BTW, it may take a few classes before you get used to the hard seat. My gf complained about some bottom pain after her first class, so its normal folks. Please give it a few classes before you decide that spinning is not your cup of tea.



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Clairol Hair Root touch-up by Nice & Easy

Clairol Hair Root touch-up by Nice & Easy

Review of Clairol Nice & Easy root touch up.

For me I have never gotten my hair professionally dyed.  However after 30 years old I noticed I was getting grey (more than I could pull out) hair on my temples the small hairs around my face. Even folks at work were commenting. As if! So I went to Target overwhelmed at the aisle and blindly decided on Clairol root touch up in the color number 5 Medium Brown. A few of my girlfriends recommended to dye 2nd day hair, not fresh clean hair. I read the instructions and it was super easy! I have used this product over 4 times now, every 6 weeks. Its usually on sale at Target.

clairol_may2013Step 1 – Mix

  • Put your gloves on, place mixing tray on a flat surface, unscrew the cap of color activating lotion & permanent color crème and empty both into the mixing tray, using the provided brush.

Step 2 – Apply

  • Using the brush apply to your parted hair, then re-part and apply to the root. Make sure to apply the most dye to the visible roots at the hairline around the face, your part & temples. Saturate it girl! No need to be precise just get that dye in!
  • If you get dye on your skin or sink remove immediately.
  • I leave the dye in my hair 20 minutes (may temple greys…..grrrrr) after I am done applying all the dye, although the box instructs 10 to 15 minutes.

Step 3 – Rinse and go to bed (I usually dye my hair on weekend nights I have nothing going on – but you feel free to rinse and style!).

  • Rinse in the shower with conditioner only. I shampoo the next day.
  • I wrap my hair in a towel that I am not caring about, just in case a little dye remained. Its more of mental thing, as I have never seen dye on towels.

Greys be gone!



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2nd post!

I am still trying to figure out what to write about, share & be vulnerable about. I am opening myself up to the good, bad and the ugly. Good as in I may proud of what I write and share. Bad as in I may write about things folks are not interested in and perhaps in the journey write really bad Ideas please.English. Ugly as in ahhhhh nobody will read this but my co workers. Ha!

If you have any ideas or suggestions for me to write about please let me know!






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