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profilephoto_march“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.” – Pablo Picasso

If I tell you things I have done in the past, the way I used to be, would you still want me in your life? If you knew the history of my life, my background, would you still want to share laughs together? I am not proud of everything but some things became my betters where some things became my worsts. I may have mistakes, but I don’t want to go back and correct it. I would rather deal with it. If you are in, then this is how it starts.

Clever, biting, and macabre, I was born in the summer of the early 80′s. It was eventful night where my frightened father told my mom he was going to get coffee while she was in labor and did not return until the next morning. He faints at the sight of blood until this day. Christine by Siouxsie And The Banshees was playing on the radio.

profile_lacmaSince then I have grown to a mighty 5’4 tall. I have outgrown my chubby body and tomboy looks. In high school I was in AVID, LULAC, & took 3 years of Spanish. I took the RTD to school and hung out at Rick’s with Lupita in the mornings eating french fries and carne asada Tacos. I had my first beverage of alcoholic nature in 11th grade, Goldschläger. My friends did not tell me that this was 43.5% alcohol by volume or 87 proof…

Enroll in college. I went to Long Beach State where I learned more alcoholic related life lessons but none involved Goldschläger. Drank too much Coke, shot film & made some cool friends in the music lounge. I got braces and endured natural colored lipstick for 2 years. I had a different car then, it died in ’04.

profile_vegasI still live in Cali. I do tend to avoid emotional contact. I am working on this. My right ear is not so good. So speak louder. I have been told I speak with a Spanish accent when I am upset and English accent when I am inquiring. My expertise includes taking photos, typing 60 WPM & people-watching/blatant eavesdropping. I have look at my feet and bite my lips as I walk down stairs. I don’t know exactly what will happen if I’m not watching them, but I have a suspicion that it would not be good.

I have short term goals which include traveling, training & running for half marathons. I have not improved my time as much as I would like considering how many marathons I have completed. But I am happy that with injuries I still run run run.

A lot of the improvements in my character have come through ageing. What have I learned? I don’t know if anyone could say I’m successful with affairs of the heart, but I do yearn for it. I love mi madre Maria Christina, be selective with the people I surround myself with & always watch what I eat. Gotta keep the real estate up! Now, I will tell you the rest when I see you. Oh, and any fan of The Jerk is a friend of mine.




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